The main purpose of this blog.

As many in the patriot community are aware, TL and others have called for a March to Liberty.  I too, think it is past time for those who consider themselves hard line Conservatives, Patriots and real Americans, stand tall and push back those that wish to be our masters.  We have been playing defense for far too long and often times we would not even show up at all.

My hope is that this site can bring those together in the state of Kentucky to find solutions to the problems we face with the political class.  A place where we can build bonds and map out a course of action to stop the long train of abuses that have taken place. This idea of a march is not a new one, but maybe be can build new momentum with all those citizens who have been watching the government grow more and more out of control over the years.  The ones who have been watching and waiting for the right time to come on board.  Well, the time is now. 

So this site is dedicated to preserving the liberties we still have, and regaining all those we have lost.  It will be a long hard road, but it will not be futile.  Those of you who say that it is an impossible tasks, need not apply.  Continue to sit on the sidelines and watch the last beacon of liberty fade.  I plan on working to restore liberty for my children and leave them with that legacy.

I will give this site time to get up and running and let all those who wish to be involved the chance to determine the paths we will take.


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