Rally at the Capitol

On January 19 at High Noon in a little town called Frankfort Ky about 400 or so Kentuckians gathered to defend their rights (ALL OF THEM).  The entire event was peaceful and went off without incident.  I wasn’t really looking but only saw a handful of LEO’s present.  Both parties were respectful of each other.

There were several speakers involved. Jim Franklin was the event promoter and with such short notice I thought he did a fine job.  The Capitol grounds chaplain opened up the ceremony with prayer and then he spoke a little on the Christians place in such times as these.  The leader of the KY tea parties was there as was a representative of Sen. Rand Paul’s staff.  Citizens in the crowd had many opportunities to speak what was on their minds also.

While this was nice to see and a good place to shake hands and talk face to face with those in your state,  I don’t see to much coming from it in the form of political change.  Those of us who have been following politics for years realize some real drastic measures will have to be taken and some hard decisions will have to be made to restore Constitutional principles to this country.  It will take patriots and statesmen to retake this country from the liberals, communist and progressives that have nibbled away for decades seizing every opportunity to eat away at our liberties like a cancer. 

As a citizen following the patriot movement what I got out of this was a type of edification and a new sense of urgency that we must too seize every opportunity to reach out to our fellow statesmen and continue to organize and build networks for when the real hard work begins.

I would like to thank all of those who took the time to come and stand up for what is theirs and look forward to shaking hands again with some of those I met on Saturday.  May God help us and guide us in the days to come and whatever the outcome, may it be his will.



Picture of me and some of the guys that I went with.  I’m on the left and my dad is wearing the Vietnam veteran hat.

This link will take you to some other pics of the event.



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