Thought I would do a post with links to businesses, some in Kentucky that carry products or provide services that may help us in our endeavors.

Bluegrass Tactical Supply LLC

For those of you who have never heard of Project Appleseed, check this out…

Civilian Marksmanship Program   Training opportunities and a good place to buy surplus American guns and ammo.

Kentucky Gun Company

Kentucky Classifieds    Similar to craigslist, but they list private gun sales  Private guns sales by state

Tactical Response   They provide training in the way to run a gun.   In Tennessee, but close enough to count for me….    

Eventually I will add things like these to the blogroll when I learn to navigate more efficiently.


3 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Glad to see Kentucky boys getting together, I have several in the Bowling Green area who would be interested. Are any of your guys attending the III Congress meeting in April? I believe we have anywhere from two to five planning on making the trip from here.


  2. I’m not back in kentucky yet, but will be back in a little over a year. I hope this blog is still up and running when I do get home. Its good to see patriots in my area.

  3. I’m a vet of the US Army Infantry with 2 combat yours in Iraq and Im looking for local patriots in west Kentucky to gather with…I’d like to hang around this page if it’s cool, as well as get information about groups around the Paducah area

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