The once great American Spirit is on life support

What has happened to the great American spirit.  As I look around this country I am angry at the complacency or ignorance that most Americans show.  I have the pleasure of traveling around  for work and as I do this I talk with those I work around to get a feel of where they stand in this country.  When I speak of politics most have a dumbfounded look about this as if I was speaking a foreign language or some far of dialect they are unfamiliar with.  People have been numbed by the drugs they take for their so called deficiencies they claim to have, they are caught up in the new tech device they have or new show and all the while most have their heads in their laps or up their own asses  texting the other zombies that have no direction or purpose in life.

We have become an unexceptional country run by unexceptional so-called leaders.  The liberals, communist, fascists have been very successful at infiltrating our school system and turning it into a zombie factory.  A good education, not necessarily a college education, but an education can open up many doors for those willing to learn.  An educated man is a liberated man, an uneducated man is, well just that, ignorant and easily led.  Most of the time they will be led astray.  Which is where this country is today. 

It is amazing at how many people that are involved in the patriot community still hold hope in voting and politicians.  We are far removed from voting our way out of this chaotic mess that we have allowed to be created.  Recently someone did a study and listed the 20 most conservative members of congress and one of KY’s senators, Mitch McConnell was listed as 15th most conservative.  For anyone paying attention or lives in KY and has the displeasure of his representation realizes, or should, how scary this is.  He almost always votes for larger government, not less.  He is not conservative….

We must find that long lost American spirit that was able to overcome the impossible and free themselves  from what so many thought never possible, British tyranny.  Well, we live in these times today.  We must find the pioneer spirit, we must restore the anger and begin to hold those accountable for our loss of liberty.   We must learn to use the same tactics that our enemies use.  We must find that civil disobedience in ourselves that was in our founders.  We must stand up to the bullies that keep taking what is rightfully ours from birth. 

I will continue to put my hope in Christ, and try to put hope in my fellow American, the ones that I can find.  I look forward to those that I will meet with in April.  Then we will come together and edify ourselves with the gospel of liberty and set out to put it to work and hopefully it will spread and not become extinguished.  For this is the last place in which Lady Liberty still exists.  My ancestors fought for liberty in this country.  My children deserve no less from me.


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